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Really appreciate the response, Frank.

No, unfortunately, this is not voice purchasing. This is for regular purchases through my mom's web browser. Before proceeding with a purchase, Amazon sends a "text" to the Google Voice number. I receive the alert of a new text through the Google Voice app on my phone. I follow a link in the text and click a button to "approve" the transaction, and she's then able to proceed. Not a problem if I'm near my phone and monitoring for incoming messages, but that's not always possible.

Two-factor authentication has not been set up on her account (I confirmed this by logging into her account and checking myself).

I think I'll need to walk her through logging into the gmail account I created for the Google Voice account, as that gmail also receives the incoming texts and the links to the "approve" button. She can then handle the approval herself without waiting for me. A simple enough thing to do, but for her, a baffling and stressful extra step. I may also try calling Amazon support on her behalf to see if they can help modify the security settings.