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Hello rrl,

Thanks for sharing your solution.

I have a question about those phone calls you were getting. Were they from strangers or from family members who are contacts on your parent’s Alexa account?

If the calls were from strangers, that was because Google will re-assign phone numbers after it detects non-usage. I believe prior users of that number may have still thought it was active. Those phone calls would have been forwarded to your cell by Google Voice as your parent’s Alexa can’t receive incoming phone calls to a number.

If the calls were coming from family members, it could be that they were saying “Alexa, call Dad’s mobile” when they should have said “Alexa, call Dad’s Alexa devices”. The other possibility is that they believed that the Google Voice number assigned to your Dad was a real number that they could dial. It’s really only used to link the Amazon accounts, not for incoming phone calls.

The only ways for an Echo Show to receive incoming phone calls are 1. An Echo Device with a landline or VoIP, 2. A Skype PAID number, 3. AT&T NumberSync with a cell number

I’m glad you found a solution, but I’m interested in what caused the problem so that I can share it with others