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Hi Joao,

Your Mom does not need a smartphone to set up Alexa Calling. However, although you can use YOUR smartphone with HER Alexa app to set up HER Echo Show, she needs a different phone number capable of receiving a confirmation text during setup.

This is handled either by getting a free Goggle Voice Number or a free number. These are Internet phone numbers capable of receiving the confirmation text message during the Alexa Calling set up.

This number is then tied to your Mom's Amazon Shopping account as a phone number and is used by Alexa as a reference to find your Amazon account when placing a call

It won't really be used to make actual phone calls, it's just used as a way to locate different Amazon Accounts when using Alexa Calling

Now since she has a phone that can receive text messages, that will work just fine. There is an added advantage to this approach in that if you say "Alexa, call Mom's Mobile device", your Alexa can place a voice call to her phone. You can so add an Alexa Skill so that she can say "Alexa, Find my phone" to have it ring if misplaced

Regarding your question on Contacts, its better to manually enter them when you set up Alexa rather than importing all your phone's contacts.