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Hello Joann,

I assume he is not asking to “drop-in” on you because that is not supported on phones

When your Dad says, “Alexa, call Joann” it will respond with “Calling Joann’s Alexa devices”. 

This will cause ALL of the Alexa devices on your account to show the incoming call, not just your phone.

For a phone to act as an Alexa device, it needs to have the Alexa app running in the background. This means that you have to open the Alexa app at least once after rebooting the phone and never close the Alexa app. It can be in the background as it does not have to be the active app on the screen

I have found that Android phones will keep the Alexa app active in the background, but iPhones seem not to handle incoming call requests well.

The best way to handle this is if your father gets the response (after a lot of rings) that “the contact is not available", then he should say this to Alexa

“Alexa, call Joann’s mobile device”