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Hello Sanross,

I understand the reason for not sharing your Alexa account, and that’s one reason many people choose to get their loved one their own Alexa account.

I was surprised to hear the Google voice isn’t offered in Canada.  I found this rather complicated workaround if you are interested. I don’t have a way to check to see if this really works.

You are right, there is an Alexa app that runs on Windows 10, and it does support Alexa Calling. But, you would first need to configure your Mom’s Alexa account with a unique phone number. That phone number needs to be able to receive a PIN from an SMS text for set up of Alexa Calling

Amazon has chosen to use the mobile phone number assigned in your Amazon account to reference the person you are calling via Alexa. That person also needs to have a different phone number assigned to their Amazon account

If you think the Google Voice workaround for Canada is not what you want, I suggest you buy a cheap smartphone for your mom with the smallest possible plan. She won’t need the phone after the account is set up, so you could keep it as a backup for yourself