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Hello Allynn,

I really like your solution about setting the wireless networks the same, and thanks for the tip on the Baldphone.

I have done a few "friendly" phone interfaces for seniors using Samsung Easy Mode and Google Action Blocks. I am working on a review article for Oscar Family for Seniors, which also gives a senior interface to IOS/Android tablets and phones. Stay tuned. :)

The Echo Flex is a great choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and garages where it's plugged in above a countertop. It's neat in that it doesn't require a power adapter or cord.

The calling for help phrase becomes easier when you enable Emergency Contact (What Is an Alexa Emergency Contact?)

He can just say any of these

  • "Call for help."
  • "Call my emergency contact."
  • "Call my contact for help."
  • "Call my help contact."