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Hello Elaine,

The reason that calls are going to your phone is that your phone number was used when setting up your Mom's Alexa and is now assigned in your Mom's Alexa account. To verify this, log into your Mom's Alexa account and see what phone number is assigned... see steps below

. That is why I recommended using a free Google Voice number in the setup instructions.


Rather than doing a complete re-install, let's try this as a workaround.

* Create a free Google Voice number using YOUR mobile number to accept it

* On your phone, delete the Alexa app and reinstall it

* Login with your MOM's Alexa account

* Tap Communicate 

* Tap the "person outline" in the upper right

* Tap on your Mom's name

* Tap edit

* Tap on the mobile phone number and enter the Google Voice number you created

* Accept the text you receive from Google

You can now delete the Alexa app and reinstall as yourself

If it still doesn't work for your relatives, try logging into your MOM's Amazon account (the one where you buy stuff) and change the mobile number to the Google Voice number