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Most often, one of our Resident Staff sets up the Zoom call for the resident when they don't know how to use Zoom. Given the average age being 88, even if they learn Zoom, they often forget and need assistance so we just offer the service. That said, there are a few residents who enjoy using tech and have mastered Zoom enough to use it on their own. So whether they or their family send them a link to join, we are not sure about that piece. If the resident asks, we can set up a link on their own devices which are usally computers, not phones and a few notepads.

We aren't using Google Duo at this time. In fact, we backed off the Zoom calls because for a short period, we were permitted to offer in person visits on a scheduled basis (with all the mask and distancing, disinfecting protocols). Now that the city of SF has once again eliminated them to the great detriment of the mental well-being of residents, we are resuming Zoom visits.