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I am a 95 year old ww2 veteran, I live in water edge assisted living in Hayward, Wis. We here are in a lockdown because of the virus, if we leave the bldg. we will be quaranteened in our room for 14 days when we come back, we here are treated like royalty, great meals, medical care etc. I am fortunate that my medications come from the V.A. free of charge as I am a 100% disabled vet. having been wounded in ww2. I spend ,y time in my room watching t.v. and on the computer, i like to cook so i spend time doing small things like making deviled eggs, pan cake batter, french toast and once in awhile I willcook some meat in the crock pot, just something to do to kill time, nothing else to say excepy i hope we conquer the viras