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Now, more than ever, do our residents need to be mobile and/or tech savvy. At the very least, they should have a working email. From personal experience with my 82 year old mom, access to email has been the biggest obstacle. She often forgets the password and loses access. She also (proudly) boasts that she has 23,000 emails (mostly spam), and that she is just inundated with the whole experience.
I would urge family members to help their parents to set up a secure inbox/email from which important communications from their Association or facility come to.
Secondly, those who live in a community or residence should have easy access to website information where up-to-date emergency/situation information is posted. With interactive screens available at some facilities, you're in a good place to push information out. We have redesigned our home page of our website to post up-to-date information on the public side (versus private side which requires a login, to which many seniors, again forget). Now, both the resident as well as the resident's family can see that we are indeed pushing out appropriate information in this critical situation. In our community (of 10,000 residents), we are also making outreach calls. From these calls, we are able to give critical information, and also correct errors in communications, which have included wrong email addresses on file, and unsubscribes from years ago.