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Our rural community is in a mountain resort area. Due to the number of seniors a group of us formed a coalition and worked with Office on Aging to get boxes of staples and paper goods delivered through Habitat for Humanity. The team then found a grocery wholesaler that was Willing to divert boxes of food from larger food pantries to our organization consisting of fresh veg, fruit, dairy and donations. Our group rents a truck and arranged for drop off to seniors. Seniors can call into our community line and request virtual or phone visits or to have someone to pickup meds or pet supplies. We did this because there is limited delivery to our small grocery store and Instacart will not deliver to the mountains. Many seniors enjoyed working on mask projects and participating in group calls. Most do not have family here on the "Hill". Now that there are tourists with no masks swarming the town for camping and day use it appears the supports we put in place will help elders continue to self isolate for safety. The nearest hospital is 50 miles down a two lane mountain road