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I am my 85 year old Mom's "banker." She has mild-to-moderate dementia and lives in Texas 1 mile away from my brother and sister-in-law. We moved her to her current home in Corpus (she lives alone) from Fredericksburg, TX last April after she had a spell that revealed the extent of her dementia. 

I live in Minneapolis, MN.

I'll just relay her situation, which has been working OK for the past year, but we're monitoring closely.

Pre-COVID: 3 times a week, she had a Home Instead care giver take her to the grocery store and other shopping and Mom would use her debit card to pay for her own groceries. I take care of the other bills remotely (autopay, having checks sent from her bank account, pay myself and reimburse myself) and attend carefully to her account.

Since COVID, my brother and sister-in-law get Mom's groceries themselves. They don't use Paypal right now, but sis-in-law has in years past. She reports to me what they spent, and, from Mom's bank account, I send them a check. The check takes about 7 days to get to them.

Other than that, I pay her yard man via PayPal from my own account. Mom has been VERY reluctant to paid over the internet - so I just say - fine, I'll pay them for you and reimburse myself.

She's gradually getting over that - as she's discovered she can call me to place her Domino's Pizza order and that's just amazing to her!!!

I intend to suggest my sister-in-law stop accepting cash for her dog-grooming service - she's very careful about social distancing and safe handling of the dogs - but then she handles cash - which really isn't ideal in this world. She should probably use both PayPal and Venmo to accomodate her customers. When/if she does that, I'll begin reimbursing their "mom expenses" via PayPal or Venmo.