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I am looking for a reliable, inexpensive pill dispenser for 3 times a day prescription meds and 3 times a day nonprescription meds. I am not cognitively impaired but sometimes have trouble remembering 1) if I took today’s meds at a particular time, 2) taking the single prescription pill I take with dinner, because my dinner time varies, and I have arthritis in my hands making opening and closing of pharmacy pill containers difficult . I was wondering if a manual dispenser, like a candy dispenser exist. The way I envision it is a cylinder of columnar pill containers into which I could pour all my meds, one type per cylinder. At the bottom would be a simple release tab that releases only on pill when depressed. It would be up to me to take the right pills and when. In a best case design it would time stamp the release of meds so forgetting wouldn’t be an issue. I guess I would still have to rely on my current strategies to take dinner meds.

Do you know of any such dispenser?

Thank you for your article. The information was very helpful. Possibly the product I envision does not exist.