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I’ve been using the Hero for about 2 weeks with my elderly mother. She does okay with tech in general if the interface is touch screen oriented like her iPad. Unfortunately, the Hero Health developers decided to make their display screen interface look like a touch interface, which is really dumb since it’s not.

My mother is constantly trying to interact with the screen rather than the buttons below. The screen gives no indication as to which buttons to press and in fact, there isn’t even a tactile button to return to the “Home Screen”.

Dispensing meds manually requires navigating through 5 screens and button presses, again, supremely idiotic - plus it offers the end-user options that ultimately may be locked out by the caregiver. So why even show these options?

It’s possible to get caught in endless menu loops with no indication of how to get out of them. It shows things like “skip” when you would never want the pill-taker to skip a dose, And so on.

Truly one of the worst designed interfaces I’ve ever seen (and I’m in the information technology business so I’ve seen my share of bad UX implementations).

I can’t recommend this product until they fire their software developers and find someone who knows UX design.