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I would think as a site aimed at and marketing to oldee adults, when they request greater accessability, you would refer to 1. the law and 2. Client satisfaction. Consider structuring your budget around affiliate links and "Showcase" (sponsored) products rather than relying on donations from those same older consumers. :)
Regardless, I was going to comment that as a nwecomer here, and a student of product design, I am so glad I stumbled across this site via Richard Caro's LinkedIn page.
And to the older adults reading or listening to this article, as well as the one suggesting two interfaces for different preferences (and it isn't just older folks who get tired of the constant, needless updates) just know I will carry what I learned here back to the classroom and then to the product design tables I eventually sit at. And we WILL prioritize our most treasured generation, if I have anything to say about it.
I hope you can be emcouraged knowing the youngest generation emerging now (much younger than myself) is passionate and earnest about standing together against racism, sexismz ageism, and every form of arbitrary, unmerited discrimination, against our vulnerable populations especially.
I hope I can cone back for more insights as I build my portfolio.
Thank you so much!