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You should be aware that Philips is not currently shipping the GoSafe 2 system (info from 8/31/21). We ordered one in early July, 2021, and were told it would take 4-6 weeks for delivery. Received a call about 3 weeks ago saying it would be shipped in a few days. It never arrived. Called last week (8/25/21) and were told by a supervisor that they were having problems, we should NEVER have been told it was arriving soon, and that they weren't sure when they could ship. Called yesterday (8/31/21) and were told that the units were on indefinite hold and they couldn't give ANY indication at all when it would be available. It could be weeks, months, or a year. Meanwhile, they keep trying to sell you their "at home" unit instead. If we hadn't called, we would never have known. Company has made NO efforts to update their customers, either by email or by phone.