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I highly recommend that retirees NOT appoint family members as executors or trustees.  I was both once.  Not only is it a thankless job, but if you bill the estate for your time (perfectly legal), your kith and kin might resent your draining their inheritance for yourself.  They have no idea that you faced a mess like the picture in this story, and spent many hours chasing down past-due bills, lost bank accounts, etc. 

Then when it comes to divvying up the estate, you will often have to deal with the Smothers-Brothers effect - "Mom always liked you best."  Sibs who feel less loved often demand relatively bigger slices of the estate, even if it is just furniture.  I have counseled several peers to cede to sibling demands in the interest of family peace.  "It's not as if you need the money, John."  I'd say.  In the 3 cases in my experience sibling relationships were actually strengthened by the executor's largesse.  That is why my attorney is my executor - that and the fact that my spouse only knows how to spend money; not manage it. LOL

Footnote: Mom's 3rd and final hubby considered himself a financial genius despite evidence that he did not know an ETF from stock option.  I noticed that mom had over $50K in her checking account where it was drawing zero interest from Wells Fargo, the least fiduciary bank in the US.  I was told: "Jimmy knows best."  Had I insisted that they hire a fiduciary to help with household finances, I likely would have avoided a man-week of sorting out their estates.  Imagine finding 6 months of overdue bills while there was $50,000 in the checking account.