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I use Alexa a lot. Here’s a list: get better radio stations than are available locally, without ..needing to buy an Internet radio or turn on a computer. an alarm clock. turn on several different lights, using smart plugs or smart bulbs. check the weather, my upcoming schedule, or the time in the middle of the night. go to sleep with music and i have programmed it to switch to white noise in 10 minutes.

Alexa has gotten better at responding to requests for general information. My only problem is that multi room music is flaky; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I can get a lot of music I want based on my Prime membership alone - I resist paying more for their premium music.

There are other uses I haven’t tried, like linking it to my remote door lock. I do not use it to make phone calls, though I know how, because I don’t want to use my cell phone for any purpose that might invite spam calls. It is possible to see and delete anything Alexa has “heard,” but I rarely bother.