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Ii'd like to add some feedback on the Echo Show. I had set up an Echo Show 8 in my father's assisted living suite and had been using it with good success to video chat with him via the Drop In feature, since I live in another country.
I wonder if others have thoughts on how to handle similar issues.

1) Non-ideal design - the power and volume buttons are on the top of the Echo Show and the camera/mic on/off controls are on the touchscreen. My Dad will grab the Echo Show to turn the screen towards him and often turns off the camera or mic, or turns the unit off. I had put electrical tape on the top of the unit but it hasn't helped.

2) After several months of use, the microphone in Dad's Echo Show stopped functioning well. I could only hear him when he was within inches of the unit. It's not a volume issue, as I've had visitors test this with me on a Drop In call. This has rendered the Echo useless now for easy video calls with him. And there is no one there to handle packaging up and returning the unit to Amazon as faulty.

Thanks!    Carol