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Dear Anna,

It was a smart move to push the panic button on your house alarm to get your son's attention. Once you were able to, it sounds like you used a cleverly modified version of the standard fall recovery technique shown at the start of the video. Very smart!

Since you have already experienced one or more falls & know that you have difficulty getting up from the floor, it would be wise to keep a cell phone on you at all times when you are moving around your home. If you do not have a cell phone, you may want to consider investing in a monthly life alert service that consists of a device you wear with an emergency button that you can press to alert family and/or 911 you need help.

You noted that getting up from the floor was both exhausting and painful. Another thing you may want to consider is to invest in a piece of fall recovery equipment, so you have it readily on hand in the event another fall occurs. Examples can be viewed in this article: See Falls – Equipment to Help You Get Up Again 

I very much hope that you will not experience any more falls, but if you do it is helpful to be prepared. Some additional tips are identified in this article for things that can be done to maintain health and/or enhance the chance of getting someone's attention if you have fallen and find that you are unable to get up. Ways to Rescue Yourself After a Fall

Thanks again for taking the time to share your experience with others!

I hope that you will find every day ahead to be filled with smiles and love

Best regards,