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We watched your video with great interest and excitement here at Mobilix ( This is the best we've seen out there!

Our first product, Upstå is a stable structure that (1) enables people with physical impairment to get down to the ground and up again in an independent, safe and elegant manner. Whether you want to participate in floor exercises, garden or reach that book that fell on the ground, Upstå is there to empower. (2) Upstå also serves as a exercise device to sustain and regain mobility, e.g. to practice sit-to-stand exercise et al. (3) In the case of a fall with no injury, Upstå may be used in conjunction with a caregiver, partner or friend instead of another lift call to 911 or putting caregivers at risk for lift injuries (resulting in workers' comp for SNFs and ALFs).
We currently have a fully functional prototype (welded and super sturdy) and are seeking input from experts like yourself before finalizing the design. We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and would greatly appreciate if we could connect by phone or in person.  Please email me at lucie (at) futuremedicalsystems (dot) com.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!