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Hello Robert - I fell early this week when miscalculating standing up from sitting on a sofa and my husband was unable to get me back up. I have weak shoulders and just couldn't pull myself up either. I was uninjured, (apart from later aches and pains and bruised knees from crawling around - still walking a bit like Douglas Bader). But in the end after several hours, we reluctantly called out an ambulance and they did indeed use a lifting cushion made here in the UK. We subsequently discovered that it's made by Mangar and called the Elk - it is an amazing piece of kit! Not cheap at almost £1350.00 - but we ordered one yesterday to have in our home rather than go through that all again. Able to be operated by a single person and, as you say, much more dignified. I hope that was my last fall but will be glad to have the peace of mind of a handy Elk! Kind regards. Diane