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Hi Julia. Thanks for the positive words and for drawing attention to the very important point that each person who experiences a fall has different physical skills.  The video was created in response to that very fact.  Many of the patients I treated over the years, who had experienced a fall, said that they weren't able to get up using the  'one' basic fall recovery technique taught in rehab clinics. A lot of people spent a day or more on the floor waiting for someone to hear or find them. They all wanted to know "What can I do next time if it happens again?" I hope this video will help inspire more people come up with their own creative ideas when they look at the environment around them, in order to find a way to get up or get help sooner. 

For persons who have difficulty with shoulder problems the 'basic fall recovery technique' shown at the beginning may actually work well. But if it doesn't work, then something like the "book tower" would be a possibility  (if books happen to be nearby), or if there isn't anything nearby to help in getting back up, then putting the Glute Scoot or Inch Worm into action can help make it more likely to get help in a timely manner.

Thanks for the feedback!