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Hi Ben, 

Great recommendation!  I've added in the subtitles. To access the subtitles, click on the "YouTube link" at the bottom of the embedded video screen above. Once there, click on the "cc" button in the bottom right corner. 

Most people associate falls with seniors only, but the truth is seniors aren't the only ones who find themselves unable to get up after experiencing a fall. It is likewise a problem for many of my younger patients who are limited by illnesses or pre-existing physical problems. Due to viewers varying ages and ability levels, everyone who sees the video won't be able to perform all the techniques (as stated in the beginning of the video), and obviously everyone won't have the same items nearby if they fall, but my hope is that it will  inspire more people to turn on their own, creative "MacGyver-style thinking" to find an effective way to rescue themselves if a fall occurs. 

Thanks for the comment and thanks for watching!