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If I wouldn't mind riding with a driver again, I give them 5 stars.  If I was less than pleased, but willing to ride with them again if there's no other option, I'll give them a 3.  If I give them a 1, it means I don't ever want to see them again, and if I do, I won't get in the car with them.

Some of the things that bother me are rap/hiphop music playing with vulgar lyrics, a car that's a pigstye, a driver that won't talk, and a driver that insists that I sit in the back.  I encounter very few rides with any of these "features".  Most drivers have better cars that are clean, there's no music playing, like to talk, and are happy to have you in the front seat.

Sorry, Uber, but that's the way it is.  And from talking to others, I'm not the only one.