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Hi Dick:

I looked into this a bit more and chatted with Jim Schrempp, the author of the article. I only researched this for Uber but I would be surprised if the situation was different for Lyft.

First of all, you can definitely download the Uber App on your smartphone OR your iPad. I am guessing it will work also on Android tablets but did not check. I have it running now on both my iPhone and my (old) iPad.

The way the App works, all communication is via the App. You never really “talk” to the driver until they appear. So actually you dont really need a phone of any sort. You can do it all via the tablet.

The big issue of course is that the tablet needs to be connected to the Internet. If you have cell connection to the tablet then it will work everywhere and you can get a ride from home or on the street.

If the tablet only has WiFi then it will work just fine so long as you are on WiFi. So at home you could easily set up the Uber ride and summon it and it would ping you on the tablet when the ride appears at the curb.

The issue might be the return trip. You would need to pop into Starbucks or something and connect to WiFi before you could summon the Uber ride to take you home again. You cant just summon them from the street corner if there is no WiFi at the street corner and you dont have a cell connection on the tablet.

I dont think the concept of “calling” the Uber driver on an old fashioned phone works. I believe they are set up to get called via the Uber App.

Does this all make sense? Let me know if you have questions.