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Dave Jaffe of Stanford Engineering sent the following message after I described the iForget concept to him

>>Hi Elaine

I think the iPhone with Siri can do a lot of what you want.

Any wrist-worn device would have to be connected to the
cloud or a remote speech-to-text service as the conversion can
not jet be done on an isolated portable device.

There are certainly a lot of devices that serve as reminders
including voice recorders starting at $25.

But to remember many day's worth of events, there would have
to be a system of classifying the info. For example, there
might be a database of what you wore every day, another for
what you ate every day, another for what you bought recently,
etc, etc, etc, etc.

But imagine a voice system where you would generate tweets to yourself
and have your device search for a particular item by date, time, or

Another system could rely on images that you take and identify
during the day. The SenseCam is worn around the neck and
takes periodic photos as you walk around your day.

New camera promises to capture your whole life

You may want to attend this presentation on June 5th:
A Cognitive Aid with Planning, Context-aware Reactivity, & Coordination with Caregivers
Hope this helps