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What is seriously missing from the hundreds of discussions products tools etc.  is any way for a person with the use of ONE HAND ONLY to open a jar, bottle can etc.  There are some mainly electric can openers that can be just about operated one handed, but often these leave a razor sharp exposed metal edge which is even the more dangerous for a person with limited ability. 

Some electric ones battery operated and maybe  Krupp one not easily and cheaply available in the UK turn the edge over, these are very good except the UK one being battery operated and having cheap plastic gears (that strip) and not to easy to engage on the tin.

For a person with limited or no use of one hand...........broken arm, arthritis or other damage 99% of the openers are impossible to use as there is no way to securely safely and easily HOLD THE TIN/BOTTLE/JAR.

What is needed is a simple effective way to hold the item, then use a one handed tool to perform the opening.  There is one item I have found that holds the can using body weight, just the job for an old person with limited mobility and bad leg etc.  maybe the maker has private hospital shares? 

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