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This article was so timely.I have been stressing for several months whether to move to another state where two of my three children will be.I am 89 years old and in fairly good health.I live here in Pleasanton after living in San lorenzo for 41 years, then lost my husband.A very big change.I live in a condo where most is maintained by an HMO.I am very happy here for now.But I have no other family around.As this article states, things change as we age.Right now I do have some contacts,but not close by.I have thought to stay here as long as I am able, then go to a care facility in this area when I can no longer care for myself.By then I will be too old to follow my children to another state.But,also at this age to make such a big change may be my undoing.This is a very big problem for us older people at this time of life