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Building on the prior commenters thoughts, here is an idea for debate.

I just installed an interesting burglar alarm and it made me realize there is a way to leverage this existing technology to make a PERS system that addressess the challenges discussed in this thread.

The current burglar alarm system includes a base station that connects by cell coverage to a monitoring facility. It consists of a set of easy to install security nodes that one can install at doors and windows etc, and which talk to the base station via some sort of local wireless network (probably ZigBee or something like that).

It includes what they call a Panic button, and when you push that it connects to the monitoring facility.

What if we or they made a new node that we called a PERS node, and it was waterproof and included simple voice recignition software so that it could trigger a PERS alert to the base station when anyone spoke a specific phrase.

Then that PERS node could be deployed into each room of the house.

Do you see any problems with that idea?