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Seniors & Their Families Need Better Products & Services. Why wait for someone else to develop them?



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This Aging-in-Place Technology Meetup is not currently active, but if you wish it were, and would like to help organize it, send us an email using the contact form (bottom of the page). Meanwhile, take a look below at the things we worked on.


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Pining for Family. Video to the Rescue?

I run a senior care facility and I have been profoundly struck by just how badly people miss daily contact with their family. 

We recently introduced a way that our residents could video conference with their family and it made a huge difference to their quality of life.

In the...



Hearing Loss increases Social Isolation

As I got older my hearing declined quite a bit. I can still hear well in certain settings, but have trouble hearing in noisy surroundings, and some other situations.

Despite pretty sophisticated hearing aids etc, I find this problem leads to a degree of social isolation as even when I am...




Lately, I have noticed that my short term memory is worsening.  It happens most often while at home.  I may go from one room to another to fetch something, and by the time I get there, I've forgotten what it is I'm fetching (or even that I am fetching anything).  This may happen at any time...



Regular card playing group can't get together any more

A group of friends used to get together regularly to play cards. One moved away. The others are getting older and have trouble getting out at night. They think they can't get together any more. But perhaps they can. What to do?



Arthritis sufferers need better clothing options

Here is my story. My mother has severe arthritis. Finding clothes for her is hard because she cannot put them on or take them off easily. Listen to the discussion of the problem at a meeting of the Longevity Collective.



Lifelong reader now can't read anymore. What to do?

My Mom is 91 and my mother in-law is 90. They both have Macular degeneration and can't read the text even in a Kindle. They are in good mental health for their age and used to read a lot. They can't watch TV all day long. My Mom tells me that she could fill the voids in the day by listening to...



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This Circle

The Aging in Place Technology Meetup holds a series of regular Meetups at which Citizen Observers, Sharers and Makers come together to discuss specific challenges of growing older, and conceive of well thought through solutions.

This is a unique forum for exchanging ideas with others interested in this field. At our meetings, we typically get a mix of technologists and entrepreneurs and members of the aging services industry.

Longevity Explorers

If you are looking for a way to interact with groups of older adults, you will be interested in our Longevity Explorer community (see below).


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