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This Aging-in-Place Technology Meetup is not currently active, but if you wish it were, and would like to help organize it, send us an email using the contact form (bottom of the page). Meanwhile, take a look below at the things we worked on.


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Adapting to Mobility Limitations

Here is an interesting story about a man living with Parkinson's disease. Diane Loeb, LCSW, describes the ingenious method that one of her more creative clients devised to safely navigate throughout his home, preventing falls.



Brain Health - Are my parents healthy?

Brain Health - that's a big topic, and a non-healthy brain is a scary thing to contemplate. Yet we all know that, for most of us, as we age our cognitive abilities will decline. We purposely picked the term "brain health" because this isn't just about the many forms of dementia; the topic is...



Innovating to Make Falls Less Problematic

At the last Aging in Place Meetup (Oct. 22, 2014) Phil Marechal of Home Instead talked about "Seeking a Cure for Falls" You can read about it and listen to the talk below.



Why do we still fall?

Canes, walkers, grab bars, orthopedic shoes. We have all these and yet we still fall. Why?

On October 22, 2014 a group of us got together at the Aging in Place Technologies Meet-up in San Carlos, California. We met to discuss why we still fall.

"Still fall" is the key discussion...



Falling: Where are the answers to these questions?

At a recent Aging in Place Meetup Discussion Circle (Oct 22), our Unconference discussion focused on this topic. What Questions (related to falling) do "I" have? In this case "I" is a 75 yr old person, who recently became concerned about falling, but has not really focused in the past on the topic. We discussed the questions, and touched on how to find answers. But we hope you will suggest ways to get these questions answered.



Care Management Dilemmas, Supporting Families

At the last Aging in Place Meetup (Sept 17, 2014) Linda Fodrini-Johnson and Bruce Johnson talked about "Care Management Dilemmas in Supporting Families" You can read about it and listen to the talk below.



Avoiding social isolation & keeping an active lifestyle

Discussion held at September 2014 Aging-in-Place-Technologies meetup, San Carlos, CA. Situation: parent not getting out, lonely in home.



Tracking Seniors: HYS Circle discussion Sept. 2014

At the September 2014 Aging in Place Technologies Meetup group nine of us discussed the problems with tracking devices for seniors, particularly for use in homes. The group posed many problems and offered solutions to many of them.



Fall Reporting and Fall Prevention

Most efforts have been on improving fall reporting. All agreed that fall prevention is the area most needing innovation, and will make the most difference in extending the independence of older adults.



Aging Parents & Family Emergency

At the last Aging in Place Meetup (July 9, 2014) Lisa Brinkmann talked about "Family Emergency, and Aging parents" You can read about it and listen to the talk below.



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This Circle

The Aging in Place Technology Meetup holds a series of regular Meetups at which Citizen Observers, Sharers and Makers come together to discuss specific challenges of growing older, and conceive of well thought through solutions.

This is a unique forum for exchanging ideas with others interested in this field. At our meetings, we typically get a mix of technologists and entrepreneurs and members of the aging services industry.

Longevity Explorers

If you are looking for a way to interact with groups of older adults, you will be interested in our Longevity Explorer community (see below).


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