Aging in Place Meetup selects topics to work on.

Written by: Richard Caro. Posted: March 24, 2014. 


On Wed March 19 we held the third meeting of the Aging in Place Technologies Meetup group. The goal of the group is to co-create the future of aging.

At our prior meeting the group identified 16 broad topic areas that sounded valuable and interesting to at least some of the members. At this most recent meeting, we agreed on the criteria for winnowing this down, and then voted to select a handful of topics to work on going forward.

Top choice: Social isolation
Runner up: Avoiding institutional living.

In addition, we did some rather thought provoking brainstorming about some specific "problems", and worked together on a common approach to articulating problems (see coming article on problem statements).

A summary of the meeting follows.


Topics we want to work on

Here is the list of topics that rose to the surface:

  • Social Isolation: 16 votes
  • Avoid Institutional Living / Stay at Home: (14) votes
  • Chronic disease & health: 5 votes
  • Financial topics: 5 votes
  • Balance & Falls: 5 votes
  • Loss of Independence: 4 votes

Our next meeting will focus on the topic of Social isolation. It will be on April 2nd. Details here.

Topic winnowing criteria

Here is the list of criteria the group took into account in voting on which topics we wanted to work on:

  • Time to solution
  • Insights or Actual products
  • Nice to have / need to have?
  • Who has this problem?
  • How many have this problem?
  • Is todays solution very bad?
  • Personal enthusiasm & interest
  • How hard to solve vs How many have the issue
  • Economics: $$ or $$$$
  • Topic is broad or narrow
  • Thing or process or Service
  • Value to “patient” or to “caregiver”

Discuss, Comment, Ask Questions


Key words: 

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